Sunday, December 9, 2012

What do you do when...

Any moms out there ever been in a position with your back against the wall? What do you when you feel that pressure? When you feel like you've been guided along in a particular direction and maybe at first you didn't perceive the ultimate intent or the final outcome.

 Now I know none of us are psychics...well, maybe some of you are, I am not. However I do believe that as women we have a certain intuition. We know that to be true when it comes to becoming a Mom. How else do you explain being able to care for another individual from birth to adulthood? That is one amazing feat. Is it not?

I think that we are intuitive individuals by nature. I believe that God put that in us with purpose. I think that it helps to guide us and our families. Helps us to be able to help our husbands according to scripture. But every now and then, I look up only to find myself in a situation that I might have avoided altogether had my perception been a little more keen. What do you do in particular situation when something that you're asked to do goes against who you are? And not in the most overt of ways but in the subtle, this-wont-hurt-anyone-kind-of-way? Do you know what I mean?

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This particular thing you're asked to do doesn't even qualify as a sin. It's just a course of action that, at the end of the day, may be how this friend or that friend conduct themselves with total "peace" but for you, it's just a little bit different than that.

 I've found myself in this position twice within a month's time. Now the first time, caught between this proverbial rock and a hard place, I phoned a friend. LOL! Literally called a friend up and asked 'what would you do?' She fired back with some thought provoking questions which is what I think any level-headed person would do. She didn't lead me one way or the other. In this particular situation, I decided to do what was asked of me but under certain terms. Still though, ultimately, it was against who I consider myself to be at heart.

Tonight though, tonight, I just couldn't. This is a completely different situation with completely different people (people I love though). And things were done or said that I just couldn't allow myself to succumb to. Again, not sinful, just a matter of principle if you will.

I know these "crossroads" come up in all of our lives at one point or another. What do you do when it comes up in your life? Do you handle all situations the same? Do you take a case by case approach?

 I have found that since I've been married, I have become more of a 'grey areas' type person. Before marriage, I was as 'black and white' as they come, all or nothing, no grey!

 I don't find it so surprising that I handled both situations completely different because of my 'grey' approach to things now but I do find that at my core, I am still as principled in my beliefs as I was before marriage. However, I take a little time to think I guess...I don't know.

 What about you? What do you do when...

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