Monday, July 2, 2012

I Have Wonderful Neighbors

I live in this really small community down a road in GA that is kind of hidden from the passers by. It is close to all of the restaurants and shopping both grocery and apparel that is necessary for the daily life of a family of four but hardly anyone knows that down that little road rests a well kept community of older families and a few young families which is really now one big family of neighbors. Most of our neighbors know my little girls by name and look out for them and the other kids in the neighborhood.

What's really funny is that this morning when I was doing my run/walk intervals, a little old couple who don't live in our community but uses it to walk through (since the one street that comprises our community makes a circle, perfect for exercising) said, "where are your two little girls, sleeping?" I know that might be creepy for some of you considering the times that we live in today but these people are nice and that really is just a testament to how little traffic comes through our little secluded peice of the world.

Anyway, while walking, Ms. Pat gave me some stickers which I am using for our "responsiblity chart," more on that in another post, and she gave me some really nice books for Chelsea. While talking with her and a couple of other little ladies who live near us in the circle, she told us that these things belonged to her grandson who is now 15 years old and homeschooled. She went on to say that he has no social skills and no friends because his mother never got him around other kids during the years that she's homeschooled him. She also said that her son (the boy's father), was a loner and not a social either, although he went to public school. That lends itself to the fact that if you are a shy person, you will be that way whatever the environment you are in. This little conversation though was also a confirmation for me that it is vitally important to make sure the girls get out and around other children on a regular basis.

Our co-op starts up in mid-August and I am uber-excited! One of the moms called me recently as the co-op appoints veteran families to new families of the co-op to kind of help them navigate their way through the process of teaching and planning and becoming acclimated to the system. It just so happens that this mom's kids are the same ages as mine are and the girls will have classes together, her 6 year old with mine and her 4 year old with mine as well. How awesome is that. I truly do feel that our footsteps as a family are ordered by the Lord and we are just going to continue to walk this process out until we feel led otherwise!!

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