Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Planet Mercury Song

Hello Everybody!

Today is a great day for so many reasons. We are headed to our home school co-op this morning which is so much fun and gives us more time in the mornings to get ready and have some "lolly-gagging" time that we don't usually get during the week. There are other reasons also, but I will go ahead and jump to the one that has sparked the need for another blog post. 

We finished the writing on our latest song this past Sunday and have since recorded it, created a video for it and published it on YouTube. This song was so fun to do and Phillip worked really hard on the video non-stop in order to get it out before 12am last night. So here it is, THE PLANET MERCURY SONG! 

Y'all, I hope you like it. I hope you find it fun to listen to and to sing, easy to share with your students and classes and children, easy to learn from, full of useful facts and good enough to give a THUMBS UP on YouTube!

Thank You!

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