Friday, December 7, 2012

Quite a Good Week!

This week was pretty good. The girls worked pretty diligently in their subjects. We got a project done and a book report. Actually, for us, that's pretty awesome!

It's been a long time since we've done a project ourselves that wasn't related to co-op assignments. It was a simple project that I found on We made pulp paper. We first used tissue paper. With those, we made Christmas ornaments for the tree. These will probably only be used this year since tissue paper isn't the most durable of mediums to work with when making ornaments. Brainstorm: I will laminate them with laminating sheets and perhaps we can keep them for a few years!

Chelsea did a candy cane and Madison Christmas bells

Then we used some of our junk mail  to make more pulp paper, this time we made gift tags for Christmas gifts that the girls will give to their cousins. All in all it was fun. If you'll notice, Madison's shirt had to be changed mid-project because my dearest energetic Chelsea, after dropping in the food  coloring, started violently shaking her bottle and bits of pulverized tissue paper and green spurts of water flew everywhere! Yay projects!!! Now I remember why the salt dough map was our last project.

Chelsea is still working on her reading and doing quite well, when she "feels" like it. I definitely have to push her more than I did Madison but she's not too far behind where Madison was at 4. Still doing quite well. Look for my FREE ebook coming soon on little fun tips to use when teaching reading. I am so proud of her, she's been doing work out of the Abeka Letters and Sounds for 1st grade workbook. Boy do I love home schooling! The kids just get the opportunity to work at their own pace and the mom or dad gets to see exactly what their kid is capable of. There are only a few things in life that are much more gratifying than that for me.

She is also still learning to tell time, count by 5s, and work simple math problems.

Madison did a book report on Abraham Lincoln today. It's fitting since Daddy and I had a date night thanks to wonderful God Parents who called and offered to take them to see Christmas lights in the Square. We went to see Lincoln the movie and truly enjoyed it and plan to go see it again soon. I know that History is written and told in so many different ways but I do believe that President Lincoln was one stand-up guy. Not perfect, but a good man. I was shocked to realize that he was a Republican and the oposition from the Democrats over emancipation. They seem like two completely different parties today, almost a total opposite of what they each stood for back then. That was a brain-bender for both my husband and me. (That was a rabbit trail) Here's Madison report.

Yes we have some facts to clear up for her about Doctors back then but I was very proud of her writing. Her use of pro-nouns, facts and personal thoughts as a 1st grader were pleasing to Mommy. She also chose her own title. Nice job!

Silly pic of the week...

When I wasn't looking, they got t-shirts, cut out and taped oblong pieces of paper to the shirts, put the shirts over their heads with a sleeve hanging down the front of their faces and called themselves "elephants." You gotta love the mind of a creative child.

Yep, good week. Thanks for reading. Leave a comment (because I just looooove them) then take a hop over to the weekly wrap up and share what you guys did this week. Also linking up at Homeschool Creations!



  1. Looks like a good time! I especially like those "elephants" costumes; that's clever!

  2. The pulp paper sounds interesting! Love the elephants! It's always fun to see what little minds come up with when left to themselves.

    1. Yes, it was fun for them to see how the tissue paper changed and felt during the process. i plan to show how the Christmas ornament looked after dried, laminated and threaded.We will see how that goes. :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. The ornaments are cute :)

    My husband, son and I saw Lincoln today. We knew he was a Republican. Frankly, the history we learned in school was very biased and skewed. The fact that Republicans were the original party of Civil Rights is the dirty little secret Democrats don't like to talk about, therefore they re-wrote history. There are dozens of great books to read and plenty of original documents that tell the true story of American History. Frederick Douglass was a Republican. Contrary to what you stated and many believe, the parties aren't polar opposites of what they use to be, it's just that one party has changed their tactics and propaganda is more effective than ever before. A great book to read is the book called Bloody Crimes by James Swanson - it is very interesting. So is Manhunt by the same author.

    I like your blog and am a new follower :)

    1. Thanks for the book suggestions!!! My husband and I both are very interested in this History now. Frederick Douglass being Republican kind of rings a dormant bell in me. Thanks for the comments and insight and the follow! Cant wait to read Bloody Crimes.

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  5. loved maddie's book report! also steph, you could try spraying
    the Christmas ornaments with polyurethane spray, you can get it in any gloss, it's quick drying and would probably preserve the ornaments for a long time. love dad and paw paw

  6. That book report rocked! I love that she loved him so much. Lol. And the ornaments are cute and the elephant idea was so creative! I love how they think! <3

    1. Thanks Holland! I'm so glad that you guys get to keep up with them this way! Yeah She and Abe were like that you know? Did you hear her say "I remember those times" LOL


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