Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby's First Haircut

This week was EVENTFUL.

As for learning, Chelsea is learning to tell time to the hour by analog time. She is also learning to read the digital clock and how to count by 5s.

Madison 's just finishing up her Abeka math, Learning parts of speech with Rod and Staff second grade English (which I love). In science, she is learning about how sound travels through vibrations. We had a spelling test this week and also learned how to use tally marks to count.

We have started building a long house for History. I know, you may think I mean log house but actually a long house can be made from logs and most often was. But a long house is just what it says it is; a long log cabin that Native American and the first Settlers built for them and their families to live in (not together). Usually up to 25 people would live in these houses. This project is due on December 10th and we are trying to settle on what material we will use in order to have the "log" effect. We are thinking popsicle sticks and painting them brown. My only reservation is, that's what we did for the shoebox ship with the exception of the brown paint.

The big event of the week was Madison getting her first haircut. I am not exaggerating when I say this felt like a dagger to my heart. First of all, her hair has been growing since birth, never been cut. Secondly, she has natural spiral curls and third, her hair was about 24 inches long if not more.

Here's proof!

Over the holidays, I was so busy baking and decorating and cooking. Two days before Thanksgiving, I was baking and they were out back making mudpies. They came into the house muddy from their elbows down to their fingers and their boots covered in mud. I sent them straight to the tub for a bath!

Normally I would condition and comb through her hair immediately to keep the curls from turning on each other. Well last week I just didn't have the time or the energy due to holiday preparations to care for her hair (it takes quite a long time b/c of the length) . As expected, her lovely curls did turn on each other with vengeance I might add. It tangled up in a manner that we have never experienced before. After a couple of days of avoiding it (I will NEVER do that again) and 3 days of trying to detangle it and using every conditioner and product that was suggested to me (I will never do that again), I waved my white flag and took her to her first salon visit. It was not a good one as she had to get about 20 inches of hair cut off after the lovely stylist spent about 4 hours trying to comb through it. She literally treated Madison as if she was her own child. Her heart was truly into it and that was priceless to me.

How Did it All Go?

Madison cried, I was stressed but in the end we were happy to admit that it was a very cute hairstyle. 

Our Lesson?

It may sound silly or cliche'. But I had to realize that my daughter is not her hair! She is beautiful with or without it. She is special because God saw fit for her to be born and given to me and I love her because of the spirit and heart within her. She's smart, kind and compassionate (like her father), she loves hard (like her mother) and she has a lot to offer this world. A pure work of God's art!

Pics from the week...

The End.
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  1. Actually long houses were built in Scandinavia long before settlers came to America. These would hold people in one end and animals in the other!


  2. Oh o.k. I'm sure that's true! What I have found interesting is that History is told in soooo many different ways. It's kind of interesting that way and can be unsettling if you let it. Thanks for this tidbit of info. though to add to our knowledge base.

  3. I didn't mean to imply that what you learned was wrong. I just wanted to add some info that I found interesting.


    1. Thank you Eliza for commenting on my blog. Please feel free to share anytime.

  4. She is beautiful, but I would have been sad too.
    Her hair will grow back. How does she like it now?
    Bless you guys' hearts!

    I wanted to share with you a game we had for years, It really helped with learning to tell time. AND there are a few free "telling time" pages online. Here: and are a couple we used. I can't find the other one, but I'm prone for overkill anyway.

    Blessings. Your girls sure are beautiful!

  5. WOW, those long spiral curls were incredibly stunning! I can see why it was traumatic to have to cut them off. But her hair is still very beautiful, and the cut is cute. Do you think y'all will grow it back out from here, or maybe keep it shorter from now on?
    I found your blog from Emily Davis' blog. Hope you don't mind a stranger commenting! ;-)
    Beautiful girls!

    1. Don't mind at all!!! Thank you for stopping by and you know...a mom could get used to this shorter style (saves a lot of time). But we will most likely grow it back out and just be more careful this time. :)

  6. Hey Step! As I'm sure you know Phil told me about the whole thing tonight on the phone. I happen to LOVE her new hairstyle. Tell her Auntie Holland thinks she looks beautiful! I know she wants it long again too though and she looks gorgeous either way! I love the pics of the fam. :)

  7. Hey Holland!

    Thanks for joining my site. Tell your mom I said hi and thanks! I told Madison what you said. She actually LOVES her hair now. I mean, she is really feeling it. You should have seen her today. Stay tuned for our wrap up post tomorrow! Seriously!

  8. ok, paw paw here!! those girls are so pretty, they could both be
    bald and it wouldn't matter!! i really like her new haircut and i'm glad she does! tell her paw paw thinks she is beautiful. oh by the way, you could use pencils for the long house, but dowels from lowes or home depot, not expensive, might work better. just a thought. love the blog and love ya'll


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