Thursday, September 19, 2019

Don't Go Girls, Don't Go...

To say that it has been a while since my last post would be an absolute understatement. It is 3am on a Thursday morning and my youngest daughter has a Geography class in the morning and they both have basketball practice tomorrow afternoon. To say that I should be asleep and getting rest for the busy day ahead is an even bigger understatement.

Somehow though, I found myself reading over my old blog tonight. Looking at the house we used to live in, in the town that we used to live in, in the state that we used to live in.

Yes, a lot has happened since my last post.

We have moved to my husband's home state of North Carolina! It has been amazing and difficult all at the same time. However, to see what God has done for us is to stand in awe of His omnipotence.

I write this blog tonight though, simply to say to my two young ladies (in the truest since of the phrase, "young ladies") don't go...

Y'all they are not the same little girls that I used to blog about who were doing adding worksheets from Saxon Math using counting bears, or learning about the scientific method through springtime planting. They are no longer standing at the white board with a marker in hand, cautiously writing words like dog, egg and cat.

Nope, they are young ladies. Young. Ladies.

I'm praying everyday for their future. I'm trusting God where I can not see, but tonight, as I read over these old posts and comments from another time...I just want to say..."don't go girls, don't go."

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