Monday, March 30, 2015

Just a Quick Note about Music's Effect on Education

Throughout time, people have recognized and intentionally used the powerful effects of sound. In the 20th century the western scientific community has conducted research to validate and expand our analytical knowledge of music.

This research supports what we know from personal experience: Music greatly affects and enhances our learning and living!

 Memorization Songs, chants, poems, and raps will improve memory of content facts and details through rhyme, rhythm, and melody. Teaching these to students or having them write their own is a terrific memory tool!

 --Chris Brewer of LifeSounds to assist you in effective and creative music use!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Our Skip Counting By Three Song

Hello Awesome Educators of Children!!!!

Here is the latest dish from the Silly School Songs kitchen. We've been cooking up some home grown Math music this month that we hope you will indulge in and love or actually 'like' for YouTube! Beyond all of that though, I hope that you find them effective and fun. If you hang on to the very end of the song, you will get a nice goofy treat for dessert. :)

I know the food references of this post are totally uncalled for, but I'm kind of in an "uncalled for" mood. :)

Seriously, if you like the song, please feel free to share with others who you think may benefit. Our 6 year old who is learning skip counting this year found the song to be extremely helpful!

Thanks a bunch!

This is just a picture for linking this post. The video for the song can be played above.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Punctuation Song! husband was bent on making this song our next song. And since he is the most creative part of this team, we generally go in the direction that he chooses. But don't get the wrong idea, I completely RUN the show. I am COMPLETELY in charge of this operation. After all, if I don't DECIDE to go in his direction, where would we be? I mean, I CLEARLY am in charge here. LOL!

No seriously, he makes the music behind the songs and so if he is having a creative moment, it's best that we follow it through. When this happens, we are usually able to get the songs finished more quickly.

I am just so happy to have this ability and the camaraderie of my best friend and our kids. It has been a blessing, and a lot of fun to create educational music for whoever would like to hear it and can benefit from it. We have had some really good feedback from a small portion of the home school community, and we are so very thankful for it. One great site that I want to mention is The Squishable Baby run by Lisa. 

She has a great home school link up, so if you haven't linked up there before, there is no time like the present.

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This is just a photo for the purposes of sharing this post. The actual video is at the top of this post. :)

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