Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Here is a song that I am most happy about publishing. The Life Cycle of a Butterfly was written and sang by my husband and me. He also produced the music for the song. I just think that it has a good amount of science in it for a two-minute song and that it paints a well-rounded picture of the process that the caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly (egg, larva, pupa and imago). Phillip also put the video together, and I think he chose some really vivid and beautiful nature shots to go along with this simple and sweet song. Our girls make an audio cameo as well.

So please take a listen. If you are teaching life cycles this year, I hope you will use it over and over again. Either way, if you like it, give it a thumbs up at our youtube channel. We are planning to do more life cycle songs very shortly.

Thank you!


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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2015 Back to School Post

Last night I was up until past 3 o' clock in the morning. That's not a very big deal as my family and I are typical night owls, although 3 AM is a little wacky for us!

But I have had nights like that periodically. Not often, but periodically and usually it is as much a spiritual thing for me as perhaps a physical one. I usually feel a burning desire to pray for my children, my extended family, the body of Christ, the unsaved...you know, I'm usually up moving mountains if it passes 3 AM. :)

I usually imagine plenty of moms of different languages, dialects and cultures all over the world are up at that hour thinking, writing, praying, or God forbid (as I have been known to do) worrying right along with me. Don't we do it? Don't we tend to worry if the kids are alright, going to be alright, going to turn out alright? Well last night I did a little bit of it all.

I wrote some letters to my girls about things that I felt each one needs to hear from their mommy's heart.. For Madison it was the fact that she is beautiful just the way God has put her together inside and out, and for Chelsea, it was that she is loved by God and that that love is perfect and is more than enough.

They are only 9 and 7, but for me, my job and influence as a mother is most important at every age level.

So, as I listened to some Mp3s and watched some YouTube videos into the wee hours of the morning, I created this acronym. I am at a place in my parenting of the girls where I am wanting them to be comfortable as their true selves. I don't want them to reach for the dreams that mommy has for them, or to accomplish things that are "good" for them, but are not God's "best" for them.
Anyway, here is the meme:

So as my girls and I head back to home school this year, our focus is GOD's plans, God's goals, and God's desires as we are able to understand them. Believing that He gives each of us the desires of our hearts, believing that man's mind plans his way but that it is God who directs his path...we are endeavoring to walk to the beat of those plans, ideas, and goals. And, it starts with me...it starts with me letting go of my "good" ideas and embracing His great ideas. It starts with me letting go of my grand plans and following God's prescribed method of parenting while trusting the outcome to Him.

I love it.
This year, I am home schooling and being home schooled.

God bless all of you who are, with me, going BACK to school.

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