Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Life Skills

Last night before they got ready for bed, I told the girls to clean their bathroom. If only you knew how much toothpaste a 4 year old could use to paint a bathroom sink. I would take a picture of it for you but it could quite literally gross you out. It has my 6 year old.

One night she said "the bathroom is too messy for me to brush." She wasn't just trying to get out of it either. She seriously did not want to stand at that sink covered in Kids Crest! You may be thinking, "well you should keep your house clean." Are you thinking that? Trust me, my little Chelsea only needs 5 minutes to create a bathroom masterpiece.

Because of this, the rule is, Chelsea cleans the sink and counters and Madison cleans the mirror and the floor (pick up tissue and straighten the rugs).

Last night Chelsea did an exceptional job with the sink and counters. I mean they were sparkling. So afterwards, Madison goes in to do the floors as usual. I look up and she's headed back into the bathroom with the broom and dustpan. I've never asked her to sweep the floor. That's usually Daddy's job. LOL She did though. The bathroom was the cleanest it has ever been cleaned by actually looked like a job done by an adult. So we told Madison that she'd get money for doing such a great big girl job on the bathroom

Well, I think they are quick studies or something because tonight after dinner, Chelsea says, "Daddy, can I wash dishes?" LOL He says, "yes," so Mommy prepared the sinks and made dishwater. Madison, realizing what was going on, says to me, "Mom is there a chore that I can do?" I looked around and said, "sure you can put the rest of the laundry away." It dawns on me that she can rinse and stack the dishes as Chelsea washes so I set them both up.

Now, you might be saying. "awww." I almost did until I heard Madison saying to Chelsea, "We can keep doing more and more chores so we can get lots of money..." LOL To her credit though, the end of that statement was " we can buy our friends lots of Christmas presents!"

I'd say they are learning some pretty decent lessons. Responsibility and Charity. Not bad.

Then...nope, the story is not over yet, Madison comes into the living room where Dad and I are and says...

Her: "Are there any more dishes?" 
Me: "Here's a mug and saucer, throw the tea bags away. You guys are doing such a great job!"
Her: "We like being responsible!" {She did, she really said that}
Me: "Awe..."
Her: "We want to do all the things that you do for us"
Me: speechless and touched to the core and I say "I love you both sooooo much"

The finished dishes!
What a sweet thing for a Mother to hear. And her heart was so pure when she said it. Mothers may have the hardest job in the world but I believe that we are some of the most blessed individuals in the world. What those little souls give back to you when you least expect is worth the whole trip of motherhood. Am I right?

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