Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The NEW 50 States and Capitals Song...BY REGION

Hey Guys!

Phillip and I have been working on this song for about a month, and I am pleased to say it is READY!!!

We have a 3rd/4th grader in our home, so quite naturally she started learning the 50 states along with their capitals this year. I decided to take them 10 states at a time and completing the majority of the task in about 5 weeks. It's just easier to take larger learning tasks like this in smaller chunks. It helps to get the mind around the task and allows the student the time and space needed to process the big picture of the task.

Funny how taking something in SMALLER chunks helps with getting the BIGGER picture!

After looking around on youtube we noticed that every song we listened to started with Montgomery, Alabama, and moved all the way across the nation to Juneau, Alaska then zigzagged all over the nation until the song was done. All of the songs sounded great, but for ease of learning, and for mentally getting a hold of what you're learning, these songs were ineffective (for those reasons specifically) our opinion.

Therefore we decided to tackle the job from a different perspective. BY REGION! We started at the very top and moved in a methodical manner until we'd covered all of the states and their captials...and that is exactly what we did!

It took us close to a month to complete, and it is our hope that every home schooling family and educators in general of 3rd graders and even highschoolers will listen, like, benefit, enjoy, and share our version of the 50 States and Capitals song!

Thank you for listening!

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