Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top 10 FREE Field Trips in GA

After attending home school day at the Capitol for the first time, I was inspired to research more free field trip opportunities and now share them in a post. The only thing, I live in GA so my field trip top 10 list is specific to GA.

1. Home School Day at the Capitol. Of course this one is first because we just attended. This trip was fun, educational and surprising. If you've read my most recent post, you know that there was a home school music band playing on the floor of the south wing, just past the Rotunda. They were excellent! The band consisted of middle school and high school home school students. Also, a point of note is that you can visit the Capitol anytime for FREE! You can stop by the desk to let them know you are there for a self guided tour and the attendant will give you name tags and you're on your way!

2. Winter Months at Callaway Gardens.We did this trip last year. Callaway Gardens is in South Georgia. It consists of acres of flower gardens, vegetable gardens, lakes, cabins, cottages, a man-made beach, restaurants, bike and hiking trails and so much more. During their off peak months, you can go their for FREE. If you are teaching Earth Science or Life Science during the winter months or will be doing so in the Spring, this is the perfect free field trip for you.

***Check out our New Solar System Song (by my husband and me) ***

3. Imagine It Children's Museum. I think that this museum has a pricey entrance fee which is why I find it awesome that they offer FREE entrance on the second Tuesday starting at 1:30 p.m (sponsored by Target). Its really a big play area in my opinion. There's art, water play, barn yard activities and dress up.They will usually have a special exhibit being offered also.

4. Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. I found out about this one in my research and talked to my Phillip about it immediately and now this is on our to-do field trip list for the near future. It's always good to expose children to art and here's a way to do it for free. On Thursdays only from 8am - 11am. I checked to make sure that this center was conducive for children (because you know how "art" can be) and I am please to communicate that it is!

5. Center for Puppetry Arts. FREE museum Thursdays! Every Thursday 1pm - 3pm. The Jim Henson Exhibit is included in this offer!

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6. Federal Reserve Bank Atlanta. Here's another FREE field trip that my husband's ready to do immediately. He's always been so interested in this part of our History and Government. I am not, but it will make a great field trip if you are studying economics in your homeschool or even if you are on the other end of the spectrum, like me, and are teaching how to count money. This would still make a pretty cool field trip.

7. Govenor's Mansion. The Govenor's mansion offers free guided/self guided tours and a special Christmas season tour schedule. I'm looking forward to doing this one also; all for FREE!

8. Fernbank Science Center. We've done this field trip more than once because it is just so easy, educational and the girls always respond excitedly as they move through the exhibit.They have their favorite stations throughout the museum. This center does take donations and I am always compelled to give because it'd be a shame for this center to one day not be available to children. Also the planetarium is here and so for a nominal fee ($2.50-$3.00) you can learn about and see the constellations of the stars and many more educational science related shows.

9. Fulton County Free Museum Days. I am not a resident of Fulton County so I do not get to participate in these FREE days that are offered by the city of Atlanta but if you do and are interested, do a Google search for the terms 'fulton county free museum days' and you will find week day as well as weekend day offerings all around the city!

10. Atlanta Festivals in the Spring. There is always a festival going on in Atlanta in the Spring time and with Spring being just around the corner it may be time to do a little research as to what is coming up. These festivals can be very educational. They are usually held in a historic part of town and offer cultural arts, music and activities.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully there is an activity on this list that you haven't experienced and now that you know that it is FREE, you will! Linking up at Top Ten Tuesday!


  1. Love this! Thinking about homeschooling my child. These are great resources.

  2. So helpful! Thank you!!! And nice mix of activities for younger and older students :-)

  3. FABULOUS! Not a homeschooler, but a private school teacher and I'm always looking for inexpensive yet educational trips in the GA area. THANKS!

  4. This is an awesome list! Here are a few if you like them can be added to this list as well as the entrance fees are all FREE! From one homeschooling family to another, I hope you like it!

    Ocmulgee National Park in Macon, Georgia Admission is FREE. Except for special events sponsored by the Ocmulgee National Monument Association no fees are charged to enter and visit Ocmulgee National Monument.During the special events of the Ocmulgee Indian Celebration (third weekend in September) event fee is $6.00 for 13 &up, 6-12 $3.00, 5 &under are free and active military with I.D. $3.00. The spring Lantern light Tours (March) an event fee of $5.00 is charged for anyone 13 years and older.

    Also Columbus Museum in Columbus, Georgia. Admission to Columbus Museum is FREE. It is one of the largest museums in the Southeast and is unique for its dual concentration on American art and regional history, displayed in both its permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions.

    Infantry Museum in Columbus, Georgia. It’s a large, beautiful facility and a world-class tribute to those who served in this capacity in the Army. Honestly, I was a little worried about it holding my guys’ attention, but they really enjoyed it. It’s no wonder why this ranks on TripAdvisor as the #1 attraction in Columbus.

    The museum itself is FREE (however greeters at the door do suggest a $5 per person donation it is optional.) The museum includes a Family Gallery, which examines how spouses and children manage when a Soldier is deployed. There is a kid-sized room in which they can try on Soldier uniforms and learn about humanitarian missions Soldiers carry out.

    Columbus Botanical Garden in Columbus, Georgia. With a mission to retain an open space in Columbus, these 22 acres are free to the public to explore and learn. Don’t forget your camera.

    Oxbow Meadows in Columbus, Georgia @ Columbus State University. See turtles, snakes, alligators and more. Don’t forget to check out the Discovery Trail Guide at the front desk; it’s a great way to extend the learning opportunities of your visit. Oxbow is free, but donations are welcome.

    In Andersonville, Georgia The park is always free!
    Andersonville National Historic Site has no entrance fee. There are no fees for park interpretive programs or for entrance to the National Prisoner of War Museum if you are teaching Georgia history this site is a must.

    These are just a few but if you like I can give you more that we have been to for free! Thanks for this informative post I have to get started on your list of educational things to do for free in GA!!


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