Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's Here! It's Here! The 5 Senses Song!

Thank you for listening to our songs and a few of you even downloaded The 3 States of Matter of Song! Thank you soooo much!

Well we are in the process of setting up our facebook page, linking to twitter and starting a website/blog. If you love or like these songs....PLEASE tell us on facebook and bare with us as we figure it all out. 

If you use any of these songs in your homeschool...PLEASE write back to us on Silly School Songs or here at mommytheteacher to let us know how you use them and how your kids love them. Let us know if they are helping out your homeschool!

We love music and we love educating our children, so this seemed like a natural course for us, your support in anyway is greatly appreciated.

Next Song: Plant Life! Just in time for Spring! We will be doing a series of Life Science songs in the coming months.

Thank you,

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