Sunday, March 3, 2013

We're Up and Juicing!

This week went by in sort of a blur. I didn't take many pictures because it wasn't a pretty sight! First, Madison gets ill after eating McDonald's!! We hadn't had fast food in what felt like ages and McDonald's, even longer than that. We wouldn't have had it that day but we were with my mom in some remote part of the world and "old faithful" was the only restaurant around. I think you will always be able to count on McDonald's to be wherever you are. LOL!

At any rate, I felt queasy after eating it and so did my mom but Madison was the one to really get ill for the next 24 hours, then Chelsea apparently picked it up from Madison because  she was the only who didn't eat the McDonald's and didn't get the initial sickness but as fate would have it, she contracted a little bit of it from her best-est friend in the whole wide world!!! Then, I contracted it from Chelsea (I will leave the details out of how that happened).

At any rate, our week was filled with bathroom visits and sleeping for all three of us back to back. My dear husband escaped the wrath!

We did manage to go the the library. We checked out books on giant Sequoia trees because the kids have been interested in them. We also checked out a book on the water cycle, because although Phillip and I have created the song, I still have to officially teach my lesson plan. But just by hearing the fun beat and catching on to the song, the kids have already learned and get the concept of the water cycle. They are going to be facinated to find out though that all of the original water of the Earth is still here! It doesn't go away! It just keeps cycling through. That is truly intelligent design by a loving creator, our Heavenly Father.

**Keep checking back for our next song, The 5 Senses**

We attended the Aesop's Fables Puppet Show at the library also.

I don't know if it was the McDonald's experience that pushed us over the edge but we started juicing this week!

Actually we'd been considering it for a while. We believe that we need the nutrients that juicing brings about. I mean, I am pretty diligent about making sure we have a veggie with lunch and dinner and apples to snack on during the day but life happens and there are times that doesn't happen despite my good intentions. We are also good about having meatless meals and salads as dinner but I know for sure that we don't get the recommended daily amount of fruits and veggies in our diet and we both believe that if we kick it up in this area, it would only be beneficial.

Plus I am eager for us to try such recipes as the Immune Builder, the Prostate Helper and the Calcium Cocktail (I was told by someone near and dear to me that upping my calcium intake could ward off mood swings during PMS) this person shall remain nameless, let's just say he'd benefit the most, should the findings about calcium be true. LOL

Here are some of our pictures from the week:

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  1. I am so sorry ya'll have been sick.
    That is just awful.
    Fast food affects us like that too. Booo

    Let me know how juicing goes.
    I am not inclined to drink things of odd colors, but I have been considering adding veggies to smoothies.



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