Thursday, February 9, 2012

So Far, Here's What I Know

In my two weeks of Home Schooling, believe it or not, I have learned some things and I eagerly share them with YOU!

  • There is so much helpful information on the web for homeschoolers. So many wonderfully, encouraging blogs out there. I came across two that I loved from the beginning. These families are so much farther ahead in their home schooling than I am and I have been able to learn soooo much from their posts and hope to one day, help other families coming along as they have helped me. The first one is Lady of Virtue the first blog that I read. I didn't even know that this was the name of the blog until recently because I was so desperate for information that I simply Googled, clicked and began reading. Beyond the comforting, soothing design of the blog which is no small after thought, the posts were amazing! As my husband and I were ringing our hands about pulling our first-born out of KINDERGARTEN (who does that?) In sheer desperation to over-dose on information, I Googled "home school blogs" and happened upon this lovely blog that literally and physically calmed me down. I'm telling you the first post that I read was so soothing to my mind and as I scrolled down the page and clicked from post to post, I started to feel better, stronger, and even my thoughts grew a little quieter. What a gift to the new homeschooler! Now I consider myself a young mother of two however some may not consider me so young anymore, it's just how I feel. But from this blog, and I assure you I am not trying to be cooky here, I felt a sense of "mothering" oozing from between each letter and each word that seemed to have been so carefully scripted by the blog owner Sherry. If you haven't yourself a favor and check it out!

  • The second blog that I read and still faithfully read to this day (two weeks later :)) is Weird Unsocialized   Homeschoolers. I fell in love with this blog for a completely different reason. While Lady of Virtue appealed to my more vulnerable side (if you will), Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers appealed to my more quirky, "get up and go" side. It was so energetic and I felt the energy and the love of home schooling jump off the pages of this blog. When I found out that she too had taken her first born out of the public school system at a very early grade, that was extremely encouraging and I later read that her reasons were very much like mine. Her first-born just kind of thought a little bit differently from most kids in her class and she knew that. I can not tell you how reassuring it was to read this blog and realize that there are other parents and mothers out there just like me. Passionate and involved enough with their children to the point of doing something about it. I have friends who say, I monitor every little thing that goes on with my children...and my question becomes, why? For me, I monitor for the purpose of decision making. If there are no changes that I need to make after my follow-up and monitoring...great! However, if I find holes in a process, unfavorable outcomes, or the like, I feel obligated at that point, to make changes. I don't monitor for montoring's sake and I after being properly introduced to the home schooling blogosphere through two very different but highly effective blogs, found many, many moms just like me.

  • I also have learned that there are so many organizations and websites available to new home schooling moms. In my state a wonderful resource is GHEA or Georgia Home Education Association. I guess you've figured out that I live in Georgia. :) So I don't know what it would be in your state but this organization has helped me find the available home school groups and co-ops in my area and there are several. I happen to live in a very good town for home schooling. Not so much because the schools are bad, we are actually among the highest ranking schools in the state of GA but as you will find out if you haven't already, each family has their own reasons for home schooling. GHEA was also instrumental in helping me to know and understand the laws that govern home schooling in GA. That is one if the first things that you'll want to acquaint yourself with for the state that you live in. GHEA also pointed me to HSLDA which is the Home School Legal Defense Association. I have not yet joined this organization but I definitely plan to as soon as I am off and running. Right now my focus is making sure that Madison has work to do everyday to keep her mind sharp while we wait for our curriculum which should be here tomorrow!!!
I hope these little tidbits and links will help you get started. I have so much more to share, alas, another time.

*Before we part...please share something you've learned that may help others...

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