Monday, February 20, 2012 was a good day. We got through all of our assignments and then went outside to ride bikes. I had to play bike shop first though since all of our bikes had gotten flat tires from sitting in the garage all winter. My husband had to stop by the store yesterday to get a new inner tube for Madison's bike and a bike pump because the pump we already had was apparently only for his basketball. Just kidding, it was for balls only, not bikes. So today, I wore about three extra hats along with the four that I (WE) already wear daily.

So not only was I a bike repairwoman but also a trainer as I held the bike up that Chelsea was on for a 1/4 of a mile around our neighborhood. All of the houses in our neighborhood go around a circle so it is ideal for walking, running and bike riding. It's is very small as one lap around the neighborhood is only a 1/4 mile. Ergo, 4 laps is a mile. In fact, this is how I lost the "baby weight" three years after giving birth to my spicey/sweet Chelsea. I lost 25 pounds just by walking and cutting back on the foods that I always eat. Not too shabby.

I talked with a friend and former co-worker today. She's a part of a co-op in our area that I have researched and am really interested in. I didn't know she was a part of it but was really glad to find out that she is and now I am excited to take a look at the co-op and to see if it will actually fit for our family. It's great to have friends!!!

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