Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am Loving Home Schooling

O.k. let me just tell you that the last two days of homeschooling have been AWESOME!! Just having my girls home and watching them LOVE school and "get" concepts that I am teaching them is ranked among the highest highs of my life. I mean, I taught my first born how to read, write and do simple math all before she went to pre-k. So I have enjoyed being their first teacher but now that I am their only teacher (academically) speaking; It has taken teaching to an entirely new level. For instance, yesterday we had an appointment at the Library's computer lab and there I was sitting between the two of them while they worked on their different learning programs.It was just the perfect touch to being home doing school all day. Tears welled up in my eyes as I sat there watching them have fun and be stimulated in that setting.
Chelsea in the computer lab at our library!

Then there was today. At one point my six year old was at her desk doing her reading assignment and I was in the floor with my three year old covering sight words and making short phrases and sentences with our index cards for her to read. She's doing very well by the way. I was just so full! My fireplace was on, the t.v. was on low in the background because I must have a little background noise at times and we were learning! I tell you, there have been very few feelings to rival these past three weeks of home schooling. I really and truly thank God for the opportunity to stay home to do this. I've noticed that Madison has gotten more confident just in the past few weeks. She's still six and must be reminded to focus and pay attention and to do her best but my husband and I both have seen a difference in her communication and assertiveness with her friends. Chelsea is even more confident in giving answers when asked. And even I seem to be more patient with them. It's like I told my friend one day, it seems to me when you are not around your kids much their noise and busy-ness tends to bother you more. However when you are with them a lot, you get used to their noise and it actually becomes like music to your ears. You get used to their busy-ness and begin to interact with them more. So I've just noticed that about myself lately. I'm yelling less and understanding more. I truly consider it a gift from God to be able to do this.

What about you? Did you notice immediate changes in your family once you made the decision to home school?

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