Friday, January 4, 2013

Not So Much School


 My first born is SEVEN!!!!!!!!!

Oh my!! Last night I kept pretending to cry that she was turning seven today and she and her sister laughed but then Chelsea says, "why don't you want us to grow up Mom?" (She's 4). 
Realizing that she was serious I said, "oh, honey, I'm just playing, I do want you to grow up."

Chelsea: "Daddy doesn't want us to grow up because he doesn't want us to go to heaven."

Me: (swirling my head around so fast that I almost sprang my neck) "Honey, Daddy and Mommy do want you guys to grow up, we are just having so much fun with you at this age that  we want to enjoy it as long as possible."

She was referring to dying  when she said that Daddy didn't want them to go to heaven. He's never said that to her, that's just her little 4 year old brain trying to figure out why Mommy and Daddy want them to stay little. So she concluded that it was about dying and going to heaven when you're old-er. That's just one of those times where you get the most surprising peek into your child's little mind that has the opportunity to knock you speechless for a second or two.

So anyway, yes, our Madison is 7 today! She's asked for birthday pancakes for which I ran out to the store to grab candles. We took her bowling with a couple of her friends then for pizza at Upscale Pizza (a Truett Cathy joint) and will probably have cake and ice cream tomorrow with family and friends here at the house.

As for school, I'd attempted to start school back on Wednesday since Phil was going back to work and the break was officially over.  This is how much we got done this week.
Needless to say, it was harder getting back in the swing of things than I thought it would be. Therefore I told myself, as I was planning our science lesson, "Christmas break isn't officially over until Monday!" {grin} I came to my senses and succumbed to the final three days of vacation. {nice}

 A little bit of  our lives over Christmas break!

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  1. Hi Steph! Thanks so much for linking and Happy Birthday to your oldest!

    I did not know Truett Cathy had pizza places, too...

    Anyway - I look forward to reading your blog in 2013!

    1. Thank you Mary!

      I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Thanks for hosting, commenting and sharing every week.


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