Saturday, March 24, 2012

How the First Week of Spring Went Down in our Home

First Day of Spring School
We truly had a beautiful week. We did school out doors on the first day of Spring! I'd planned to have the children write about what they saw, heard, smelled, on the first day of Spring. However, we never got to it and still haven't and it is the end of the week! Madison keeps asking when will we do our Spring project and I keep saying, we will get to it, and we will. But I would be lying if I didn't say that, I'm in no hurry to do it since we missed the appointed day (which was only MY appointed day...I am working on becoming more flexible). There are officially what, 90 days in a season? We have about 85 more days left of this wonderful season of the year...I'm SURE we will get it done! -bad mommy-

I was kind of wacky this week. Just a little irritable and fun for me. I'm usually too tired to get on to the kids and to me, it seems they kick the misbehaving up a notch when I'm my tiredest. If that is true, it's a good thing that it happens that way. While, yeah, I want to pull my hair out at their noise and running in the store aisles and picking up almost everything they see...I'm too tired to, so that saves them from some yelling and corner standing and romp popping! :) I love my little daisies...they are so much fun and both are truly very sweet but in different ways.

Chelsea read her first book this week. That was fun. I do feel like that maybe I'm pushing her too fast but that is based on the fact that her sister didn't read her first book til she was four and I have Chelsea doing it at three. Couple that with the fact that my "Everest" is my ever trying to accomplish ABSOLUTE fairness toward the get where my questioning whether or not I'm pushing her too fast comes from.

Madison's favorite subject this week was still cursive writing!!!! I love that she loves that. I am also looking forward to supplementing our traditional curriculum with some great Unit Study curriculum concepts. Madison is absolutely a hands on learner. She loves doing projects and says that she is really good at inventions. She really gets bored fast with lecture type instruction so I am ready to spark and feed her learning style with a couple of unit Study concepts. Right now I am looking at Moving Beyond the Page. It looks perfect for us. They have one concept for Madison's age range that has an entire lesson on inventors and inventions and instructs on how the child can look around the home to come up with an idea to invent. I am truly giddy over getting and starting this program. From the start, we will only supplement one concept for Madison and one for Chelsea. Chelsea is my numbers girl and is really great with recognizing patterns and loves working with them. Moving Beyond the Page has an entire concept on patterns within her age range. I say again, I Am Giddy!

I'm about as giddy as I was when using my new griddle today! Saturday morning pancakes are always a hit at my house and now that I can make more than one or two at a is AWESOME!! 

I received a magazine in the mail yesterday from Practical Homeschooling. It is filled with wonderfully encouraging articles. I cant say enough right now about some of the articles so I'm going to gather my thoughts on the magazine articles that I've read and put a post together solely on some of the topics from this magazine. I am looking forward to subscribing to it in the very near future. I already recommend it if you are new to homeschooling, like me!

Well our time must come to an end at this point...until next time...hugs!


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