Friday, March 30, 2012

Bibles, Baking and Backrides--I Finally Have Something to Share on the Weekly Wrap Up!

This week started off slow but ended up pretty good! I've never shared anything on the weekly wrap-up. Partly because I just start home schooling this year and partly because I just didn't feel like we were doing anything special or different enough to share. Well I am slowly coming to the truth of the knowledge that every home school is different and looks differently. I am also slowly learning what our home school should actually be. For instance I found out this week that my Madison is absolutely and totally a visual learner. I'd been a little confused because she plays piano and although she's learning how to read music she has a definite ear for it as well. Meaning she can hear a note or notes and find it on the keyboard and remember the melody and so forth. This lead me to believe that she was an auditory learner but she is in fact a visual. She gets soooo extremely bored with instruction and that would confuse me. But this week as I finally started to hang posters and put up tips and key thoughts and bight and colorful artwork, she became so seriously excited about school.

On to our week. In the above photo is our three year old getting a back ride from Daddy. She is immensely in love with her Daddy time. She loves hard and she plays hard. She still wants to go at it looooong after your will lug her around on your neck or back or leg has gone but Daddy is so very willing and patient with her.

Madison zipping down to freezing temps.
In our curriculum, we began covering temperature. The curriculum gave instructions on how to make a zipper thermometer. I thought how cool and did it. So just as it sounds, you take a coat zipper, glue it to a poster or some cardboard, make sure you are not hindering the zipper from moving. Then you write in your temps along the side of the zipper onto the poster and you can even decorate the top space of the poster with a beach scene or the sun to indicate the further up you go on the zipper thermometer the hotter it gets. By the same token, you can decorate the bottom of the poster underneath the 0 temp., with a cold snowy scene to guessed it, cold or freezing temps.
Carefully looking for 74 degrees
Excited about our new zipper thermometer
My kid loved this project and loved learning how to read a thermometer and facts about temperature and weather. After going over the facts from the lesson, we even went outside and guessed what the temperature was outside. Initially she was a little low, so we went out again and she guessed 70 degrees. We then came inside, set our thermometer and checked for the actual we temperature in our city and she was only 4 degrees off! So we zipped up the thermometer to 74 degrees. So much fun!

Something else exciting that I learned this week is that both my 6 year old and 3 year old have the entire 23rd Psalms from the Good News Bible memorized!!! It's been our scripture that we've been reading before starting school everyday for about 8 weeks now. We've read it more often than not but not everyday. Well I learned on Monday morning that Madison has it down pat word for word without any help! I did not set out to teach them the memory of this passage of scripture it just happened out of shear repetition. I love it! And our 3 year old has it about 98% memorized. She occasionally needs me to start a line for her and then she's off and running for 4-5 lines without any help. Let me just tell you that there has been no greater feeling, as a mother of school-aged children, for me than to hear my little butterflies recite God's word based on my sharing it with them on a consistent basis. What tops that? The word of God is getting in their hearts. It feels like I'm doing my job as a parent. Praise God!

Sorry that I don't have more pics from the week but I've misplaced my phone.


  1. You have lots to share! Sometimes us "old timers" forget the EXCITEMENT (and anxious) of those first couple of years...and get set in our ways. It's nice to see a fresh perspective! Like the zipper thermometer - how creative and new! Oh, and it's not uncommon for a child to have a couple or ALL the types of learning. Your little girl might be visual AND auditory AND kinesthic (not that I can EVER spell that! LOL). Have a happy, healthy week!

    1. My first comment and uber-encouraging!! Thank you soooo very much! I shutter to think that she's all three LOL but this does help me to know that it's not strange if she is...

  2. YES! Every homeschool is entirely different! And I've found that doing weekly reports helps me realize that we actually do a whole lot more than it seems like when I take the time to think back on it and write it down! Glad you've joined in. :)

  3. Thank you! I look forward to sharing more...

  4. The zipper thermometer is so cool an idea!!!

  5. thank you!!! We had a lot of fun with it and can use it throughout the lesson! Thanks.


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