Sunday, May 10, 2015

Skip Counting by 2!

O.k. guys...Skip Counting by 2 is here. This song was almost scrapped and recreated completely different because we just didn't like the sound. Phil thought it sounded boring and flat. I just didn't want to do another Skip Counting song. The teacher in me wants to tackle the more academic subjects. Not that learning to skip count is not academic, it just seemed too easy and I figured learning to skip count can be done with or without a song in 15 minutes flat.

I know that that is not true of all students. My own kids have different learning abilities and styles and interests that affect how they learn different subjects. I think I was using the "it's not academic enough" as a weapon against Phillip to try and get him to do the educational songs that I want to do. And in all honesty, we will get to those songs in due time...we will get to them all.

In the end, this song turned out to be AWESOME. We did not outsource the video for this one, so it turned out just the way we wanted it. It adds so much to the teachability of the song that it thoroughly satisfies the teacher in me. Check it out!

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