Monday, August 4, 2014

Some Summer Fun

We had a pretty great summer. The girls spent a week with my husband's side of the family up in North Carolina. That was a first for all of us, but it was fun, and they learned a lot! They did some quilting with Mammaw, and according to her they did every single stitch of their own quilt. I love that we are still able to reach back to the generation before us to glean skills that just should never die out no matter the level of technology and efficiency we reach in our world today. Thanks Mammaw! ;).

They also went fishing with PawPaw, and I'm told that Madison baited her hook. That's my brave girl. I did the same as a little girl. "We don't need nobody to bait our hooks!" LOL

Here at the home front, we did some of the summer activities that the Chicago Science Museum put out for free. We only got to two of them, but they were CRAZY fun to do. We built our own ski ball jump. We also built a newspaper tent. The tent didn't go as well, but it was fun to do as family.

We got quite a good bit of swimming in this summer. We went to Six Flags with some friends and I decided that the girls could not go back until they are a little older. They wanted to ride the bigger rides, and that's great, but I could not relax with my 6 year old on the Mind Bender and other rides, so I figured we just wouldn't go back for a couple of summers.

That's our summer recap!

What was your summer like?


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