Saturday, April 20, 2013

Yesterday Was Just One of Those Days

Yes. It's a Black Bear!

Before I get into how awesome yesterday was, let me recap our week. First of all, it flew by and took forever! How does that happen? It was like we didn't have time for much schooling but when I consider how long it has been since last Friday, it feels like forever has gone by...weird.

At any rate, last Friday we went to Kidstuf Live Encore! So much fun! The big idea was Responsibility! We missed the first Kidstuf Live because we had visitors for the whole weekend so we went to the encore presentation. Thankfully the church offers an encore. The kids were really into it.  
I am so thankful for a church that pours so much love, time, money and attention into the kid's department. I grew up in church and can definitely appreciate a good foundational understanding of God's word from childhood but what our kids get in church these days puts what I got to shame almost. So yeah...pretty thankful for it.

Monday, we had co-op. It was a good day. We got out early and met up with some friends at the park so the kids loved that!

Monday night, I got a phone call from a friend who asked us to go to a nature trail south of where we live so we jumped at it. I mean, it's springtime, I CANNOT stay inside for too long. I just can't. So, Tuesday, we hit the road. This preserve was gorgeous. We saw an American Black Bear, Otters, a Bald Eagle (he was injured, that was hard for me to see), Bob Cats, a Buffalo and so much more. The kids were over the moon about it all. We're definitely going back before the season is over.

Wednesday, Nature's Pals discovered the wonderful world of rolley-pollies. They've known about them but this week, they dug up as many as they could and made habitats for them in little baskets. They added dirt, grass, a little water, and some rocks for them to hide under. We also had dentists appointments which went really well, seeing that neither girl has a cavity! Good news!

Thursday, we had our little friends over for school. We covered Math, English, and History. This was also day two of the rolley-polley habitat study. :smile:

Friday was rainy, I was helping a friend with some office work and the kids were now at their friends' home doing a day of school. We had a pretty great week. Here is why yesterday (Friday) was so awesome. I was prepping them for their school day at Mrs. Patty's house and the girls were shocking both Daddy and me with how much they've learned and retained, especially in Math. I mean Chelsea, who is only four is an absolute "pro" in adding and subtracting. Here's a pic of her work!

I'm floored at how good and confident she is with this. She's no longer using counting bears. She's starting with the biggest number them counting up from there using her fingers. I think I learned how to do that in 3rd or 4th grade!!! Now yes, I know that education has changed a whole lot since the 80s but still, 4 years old is pretty amazing for that type of Math. Also, I believe strongly that a child can grasp amazing concepts at just about any age with the right amount and right type of input. She's also doing awesome in reading. She successfully read the bedtime story 3 nights this week. Here's one of the stories that she read. She's doing great!

Madison did equally as great in her studies. She shocked daddy and me with the quickness of how she grasped Math concepts that we hadn't covered. We did some subtraction problems that included borrowing from the tens place and she just owned it! We also found the perimeter of certain shapes, talked about parallel lines and lines of symmetry and the girl is just good. She is an academic child. She thrives on challenging concepts. As some of you may know, I struggled with whether or not to continue with Saxon Math next year or go back to Abeka. I decided to ask Madison what did she want to do and she said, "Abeka, because I like to do a little bit harder math problems, like carrying the '1'." That cleared it up for Abeka is what we will do!

Thank you for bearing with me as I bragged a little on the kids. Yesterday was just one of those awesome days where your kids do just about everything right (Haley's Comet, I know)! We all have something we could brag about, right? In fact, do that! Brag a little in the comments this week. I'd love to hear about it. Just throw modesty to the wind and share what your kids did AWESOMELY AMAZING at this week. Let's have some fun!

Now, if you don't share, I'm going to think that my kids are the bestest, smartest kids in the whole UNIVERSE!!! You can't have me thinking that now can you. :) ::LOL::

Thank you for reading and have a good week. Check out my link ups page to see where I'm linking up this week.



  1. Haha...I think we all believe our kiddos are the "bestest, smartest kids in the universe" ;)

    I love watching my girls and seeing their individual strengths- my oldest's artistic skills and my youngest's memory skills. They are so smart but in different ways. That's just amazing to me!

    I love all the time you spent outdoors and the photos from the nature trail. I'm with you- I can't just stay inside this time of year!

    Have a great week:)

    1. Thanks for commenting Jenn! Your girls sound fun to teach! Isn't homeschooling awesome? I think that one of the greatest benefits is that we get to spend that time with our kids so that we "know" them in ways that we wouldn't have, had they gone to school for 6 or 7 hours a day. It kind of makes "bragging" that much harder to stay away from! :) Thanks again!

  2. Gorgeous pictures!
    And why shouldn't you be proud! they rock, no?

    I miss living in areas where outdoors include forests, etc.
    You are one lucky mama!



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