Monday, June 25, 2012

So Far this Summer

We've taken schooling light this summer. I have Madison working on her math facts a few days a weeks just so she can keep them kind of fresh in her mind so that next school year when we are settled in to our co-op she can feel confident.

I have Chelsea working on sight words and reading Bob Books. She is doing really well. I feel obligated to have her reading fluently by the start of school because her sister could and what type of Mother would I be if I didn't give her the same advantage as I gave my first born? Probably a "sane" one, right? I mean each child is different and will learn and grow at different rates but I just couldn't stomach the fact that my second child would have the same opportunities as the first because there is always so much attention given to firstborns, naturally.

I have them both doing the library reading program. Instead of number of books they are required to read 10 hours during the summer. I thought to myself, we will knock this out well before the summer is over. After starting our books, I realized that it's not as easy as all of that. Ten hours is definitely a fair goal for kids their ages and pushes them beyond their normal reading limits.

What am I working on this summer? Well, scheduling swimming lessons, keeping my

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